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Bait and Switch

Reviewed 05/11/2021



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New Hampshire Statutes

Although the phrase "bait and switch" is a commonly used term, it isn't found in either the text of RSA 358-A or in the print index to the statutes. Look for “unfair or deceptive practices” or "consumer protection" instead. Also, although RSA 358-A is referred to as the "New Hampshire Consumer Protection Act" that isn't the actual name of the statute. The real title of RSA 358-A is "Regulation of Business Practices for Consumer Protection." A keyword search on "consumer protection act" in the Revised Statutes Online will turn up several results, but not the consumer protection act itself. 

New Hampshire Cases

There are hundreds of cases that have dealt with RSA 358-A. We've included two cases as examples but a good option for finding relevant cases is to use the Read About sources, or the print version of the statutes which has cross-references to cases.

Federal Regulations

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