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A selective list of links to online legal resources


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New Hampshire Constitution

Legislative Branch

Legislative calendars list the business that has been scheduled in the legislature. They include hearing notices, committee reports, bill amendments, and more. The House and the Senate have separate calendars. During the legislative session, the calendars may be published several times a week. 

Legislative journals are the records of what occurred on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives. There are two versions of journals: the daily, or working, journals which are published within a few days of each completed floor session, and the official, permanent journals which are bound and edited versions of the daily journals. The permanent journals are indexed in several ways and include transcriptions of all remarks on the floor of the Senate and selective transcriptions of House remarks. 

These are links to statutory codes and compilations that existed before the current version, the Revised Statutes Annotated. 

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch