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Shoveling Sidewalks: Introduction

Reviewed 07/24/2019




Every year there's a newspaper article about why we who live in New Hampshire don't have to shovel our sidewalks. State v. Jackman, 69 N.H. 318 (1898) is the case that lets us be warm and cozy inside while our neighbors slip and slide on our snowy sidewalks. To read the case, follow the link below. 

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About New Hampshire Supreme Court Orders

The two Tinker documents are final orders - not opinions -  from the New Hampshire Supreme Court that decided the merits of Tinker's cases. The Supreme Court publishes final orders for informational purposes, but, unlike opinions, they have no precedential value and they shouldn't be cited in any pleadings or rulings in any court in New Hampshire. 

Until recently, final orders were not easily available. They weren't published anywhere in print or online. You had to request a copy of a final order from the Supreme Court clerk's office. Final orders from September 2014 to the present are now available on the Supreme Court's website. 

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